[Spridgets] Brought home a 64 Midget today

Rick Bastedo rbastedo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 14:17:17 MST 2009

A very original example, I can use this to see what's incorrect about my
other 64 Spridget.

There are a lot of great parts on the car, things I need for my MK II Sprite
and things I can sell to keep other little cars on the road. This car has
the 10CG engine and a ribcase transmission. BillM tells me my Sprite has a
948 Bugeye engine and smoothcase, and that's not correct so the 10CG (if
it's good, and it does turn over and has some compression) will go in the
Sprite and the 948 with smoothcase will eventually go to someone else.

The seats will get new foam & covers and go in the Sprite, the windshield
will go on the Sprite and those NOS sidecurtains will also go on the Sprite.

BillM tells me the hard top that came with this car is for Bugeye's only.
It's in good shape, needs all the rubber seals of course and could use some
paint. It only weighs about 15 pounds!! Bill thinks maybe it's a racing top
because it's so light.

I need to sell the hardtop - I'm way over budget now and it's going to catch
up with me if I don't sell some stuff.

I can use the chrome stuff from this car on my 78 Midget that's converted to
Also the trunk lid will be nice on that car. If the bonnet is the nicest of
the three I've got I'll get it painted and put it on the Sprite.

Here are some pictures of the latest member of the Spridgets at Bastedo














Rick (they're multiplying like rabbits) Bastedo

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