[Spridgets] Those F'ing CDs that [don't seem to]Rock [anymore]

Hal Faulkner frog.aye at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 08:49:47 MST 2009

Hey, what happened?
A couple of days ago I tried to open my Heritage Motor Centre CD of manuals
for the bugeye, in search of torque information for the rear axle: it
wouldn't open.  Got a "not a pdf or corrupt file " error message.
Thinking that it could be my cd reader, I tried it on another computer, same
result.  Well, it's wierd that it won't read the files, so I tried a third
computer, and finally a fourth: no joy.  Thinking, it must be the CD, I
tried my other CD for the later models.  Same story.  Both CDs used to work.
Here's the info: operating systems Win 2K advanced server, Win 2K, Ubunntu
linux.  All various pentium type computers with plenty of memory.  Both
acrobat reader and Foxit give me the same result.
Other pdf files open just fine.  I've got to think it's got something to do
with the copy protection system on the CDs.
Anyone else had a similar problem?  Know how to defeat the copy protection?

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