[Spridgets] calling all engines 100 hp+

David Lieb 72spridget at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 12:26:38 MST 2009

> He can't get the info on torque curves without this kind of research.  I
> don't think he will offer anything to the public that is not practical.
> David is just trying to provide Grassroots with what they asked for and get
> some dyno research done in the bargain.

I have nothing against David Anton. To the best of my limited
knowledge in that area, he is a gentleman and a nice guy. However.
I agree with your premise, but I also insist that the "longer intake
is better" approach ONLY applies to attempting to get peak HP at any
cost. The usual cost is driveablity, since you are sacrificing low-
and mid-range torque to move the powerband up since peak hp is
achieved when the powerband peaks at higher rpm. This isn't anything
that has to be researched, this is what has been repeatedly proven.
The fact that he is playing with stuff that won't even fit in the
engine compartment ... OTOH, he is probably doing it at Classic
Motorsports/GRM's behest since they are fond of throwing meaningless
datat at their readers.
David Lieb

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