[Spridgets] One horse shay

Ron Soave soavero at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 15 14:57:24 MST 2009

My stock, original Alfa Spider that I drive April - November as a daily driver made its debut last week. Wouldn't start, simple cleaning of wiring and dizzy parts and it fired right up. Drove it around, left turn signal not working. Treated it like a British car (wiggle the wires) and it works. Go to clean it up and the whole thing disintegrates. Jane Caldwell (Mrs. Peter C) sent me to a used ALfa parts place, $30 later the restored (by moi) bucket goes in and works like new. Of course, I painted some trim pieces, so one side looks nice, the other grimy. Go out to get some more hardware to do the other side, flip the top down, the back plastic window cracks. Oh well. Take off and go, the radiator springs a gusher. I think 31 years is the Alfa limit on most components, and they are pretty much all that age except the motor and geartrain. Joy. There will be no restoration. There will be duct tape.

Ron Soave

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