[Spridgets] Spring box base plate

Lester oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Sat Jun 27 13:03:01 MDT 2009

Ok, for a Bugeye, the spring bolts through the bottom of this plate  
right?  How is the baseplate attached enough to hold the spring?


On Jun 26, 2009, at 6:31 PM, Michael Rowe wrote:

> All right all you nay sayers.  I cleaned out some panel sealer and  
> found one side of one BE spring base plate over what appears to be  
> the original floor pan, all unmolested.
> It was not welded.
> There is a small tack weld to the corner of the radius arm bracket  
> only that may or may not have been original.  I don't think they are  
> supposed to be completely welded, maybe not welded at all.
> That said, when the sides of the spring box are gone, the only  
> repair short of  complete replacement is to span what is left of the  
> vertical parts with a thick plate and weld to it, which is what my  
> PO had done.
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