[Spridgets] Ignorance is bliss

Kitterer Bob bkitterer at mac.com
Mon Apr 13 12:27:39 MDT 2009

Over the past several months I have been in the process of doing a  
good week ends work, or in Franks case and evenings work or less.   
This started with installing the Bilstein shock conversion.  Then I  
thought it has been 12 years since we did the frame up and perhaps I  
should look at a few other things.  Was not happy with the carbs and  
just could not seem to get them to work the way they should - you  
might remember this.  So found a new set and then there were the  
silicon hoses which just sounded to good to pass up.  Particularly  
since none of the rubber had been changed these past 12 years, better  
also better check the fuel and vacuum lines as well.  So the shocks  
are on, the carbs are on although the car has not been started yet,  
fuel and vacuum lines are alright so it's down to the cooling  
system.  Located some proper clamps for the silicon hoses and away we  
go.  The area around the  thermostat housing looks a bit corroded so  
best take it off - wonder how hard it is going to be to get the  
screws loose?   Surprise they were hardly more than hand tight and  
came right out.  There was a little corrosion in the housing but not  
bad.  The top radiator hose was a snap as was the heater hoses.  Now  
its down to the lower hose and well that will just be easier if the  
radiator is out.  This goes well and the split hose comes off easy  
enough and looks to still be in good shape.  Better do that little  
water pump to head bypass hose - the one that always leaks at the  
most inconvenient time.  Cutting this is the quick way and goes  
well.  So it's time to clean up the various stubs before installing  
the hoses.  Wait a minute - - the bypass stub from the water pump is  
completely block, not the soft stuff block but hard almost chisel out  
hard.  If you are still with me we have arrive at the heart of this  
desertion. I  use a mixture of 75 percent distilled water and 25  
percent antifreeze, have a closed cooling system and have not had any  
over heating problems - - why is the bypass block and the rest of the  
cooling system seems to be very clean?

Guess I am going to have to take the water pump off and was just  
putting that off by sitting here and venting.

Bob Kitterer

1960 Austin Healey Sprite (Mk IV in disguise)
1966 Austin Healey Sprite Mk III (Trevor) - still in boxes
2000 Miata Special Edition

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