[Spridgets] rusty bits

Frank spritenut at comcast.net
Thu Apr 9 20:24:01 MDT 2009

Andrew Payne wrote:
> I have been removing parts, with much frustration.  Several parts have come
> off only with the use of my 24 tooth per inch "screw driver".  WD-40 is not
> enough.  Any suggestions on techniques to free rusty screws and bolts?  I
> have heard to use a blow torch, but was afraid to use one on lights and
> such.  Please help, I am tired of the hacksaw.

A torch, but remove the plastic lights first.
Also WD40 doesn't do much, get some PB Blaster, Busty, or at least 
liquid wrench.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
My own Fleet of Sprites

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