[Spridgets] Bugeyes for sale (One more time!)

William McLeod wbmcleod at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 16:05:44 MDT 2009

> This is a note about a pair of bugeyes for sale in far northern  
> California (Yreka) for approximately $2,000 for the pair.  They are  
> rough, reasonably complete (in boxes), have rust in the floors and  
> in one hood, have CA titles and non-ops and are rollers.  There is  
> also a hardtop which may or may not be for a bugeye.  I turned them  
> down because of the rust and the cost of getting them to Tucson and  
> still make a profit.  If you would like to see pictures, e-mail me  
> off list.  If you end up buying them, you will have at least a moral  
> obligation to pay a $200 finder's fee to my friend who dug them out  
> of the woods (No, not me!).  NFI and all that....
> Bill
> Slightly Classics
> Tucson

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