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Tue Apr 7 03:40:35 MDT 2009

--- On Mon, 4/6/09, Jim Johnson <bmwwxman at gmail.com> wrote: "Brooklands Auto
Ooh - that one slipped my mind.  Yes, Brooklands is extremely cool.  Situated
within the remaining bit of the old track.  You can still walk the high banks
and 'Pilgrimage' is the proper word for the experience.  The museum also has
lots of WWII vehicles.  The AC Cars factory is also at Brooklands.  When I was
there, Brian Angliss housed his private collection of British racing
motorcycles and his pair of Hurricane fighters inside the place.  (he kept his
workers busy restoring them when orders weren't coming in for cars)  Don't
know if he even still owns AC, though. 
Also, There's a castle at the cliffs of Dover that if I remember correctly
conceals the secret entrance to Churchill's WWII bunkers.  They had caves dug
all through the cliffs, looking out at France where they apparently ran much
of the war.  Supposedly haunted too, but nobody floated by when I was
there...  Castles have always fascinated me.  One of my favorites is Bowden. 
Very classic castle with towers and moat and drawbridge. Maybe even more
fascinating?  They stll have the paperwork on file in London where they
applied for a building permit for the place 800+ years ago - no kidding.
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