[Spridgets] News Letter Software

David Ambrose stargazer1 at cox.net
Tue Sep 30 18:58:50 MDT 2008

Larry & Sandi Miller wrote:

>OK, I know someone on this list will tell me what to do, not were to go but 
>what to do.
>Sandi and I have been doing our club news letter off and on for the past 10 
>years. We have transitioned from postal delivery to web based letters. We 
>use FrontPage because we both used it when we worked for a living and are 
>familiar with it's basic's.
>We would like to pass the news letter to someone else who may not be fully 
>versed in building a web page. Not a web site, just a web page.
>We are looking for PC software that just about anybody can use to construct 
>a news letter and post it on the web.
NVu  is very usable, but it's a dead project as far as development goes. 
Our SCUBA diving club has switched over to Komposer. Komposer is NVu's 
progeny, and it more stable w/ fewer bugs. It still doesn't handle 
frames, but that's not a problem for your format.

http://www.kompozer.net/ for info and downloads.

One suggestion: Build a fresh newsletter template using Komposer. 
FrontPage generates really bloated HTML, and the files are much larger 
than they need to be.

Dave Ambrose

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