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I can see a hospital.  Do I need to go to med school to be a doctor?

Dr. Fine

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I can see the ocean so I clearly am qualified to be the Sectary of the Navy.
Sort of makes the point.

Admiral Gilroy

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  >  Canada and Russia *were* foreign
  > countries!!
  I didn't get the inference either. Alaska and Hawaii ARE the only states
  that don't share borders with the rest of the US, and it's a long way from
  Hawaii to the next country. I would think she must at least have more
  foreign policy experience than say...a governor of Arkansas, for instance.

  Uh, Billy, the idea that the fact that she can actually SEE foreign
  countries from her state gives her foreign policy experience is what makes
  everybody laugh at her.

  I'm not sure I can make that any clearer.  Watch her interviews.  Try not


  (Trying not to laugh.)

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