[Spridgets] Rear drum brakes

David Riker davriker at nwi.net
Mon Sep 29 21:25:51 MDT 2008

There is very likely a thin "C" clip or circlip holding the wheel cylinder 
to the backing plate.  It doesn't hold the cylinder as tightly as the "E" 
spring clip does, but then again I can never get the darn e clips to work.

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> Another request to the list that knows, please...
> I'm trying to replace the brake cylinder on the left rear (drums) of my 66
> Sprite.  I have it all apart with shoes, springs all free. I see no
> obvious clip on the back of the old cylinder, just a very slight raised
> edge, not close to the thickness of the new spring clip. Fluid line
> already free, bleeder removed.  I can make the cylinder rock slightly, but
> can't get it out. BTW, do I remember past threads about an easier method
> than the spring clip thingy to hold the new one in?
> I've had my head stuffed in the wheel well long enough!
> Dick B.

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