[Spridgets] holy Spirite

Frank Clarici spritenut at comcast.net
Mon Sep 29 21:01:46 MDT 2008

Glen Byrns wrote:
> I can't stand it!  Somebody write up a progress report 
The floor has been primed and painted OEW .
It is back belly down on the floor.
The Holy Sprite must have been airborne at one time in it's life from 
what we found when we turned it over.
BTW, we just flipped it on it's side, no rotisserie.
We fixed the frame, we fixed the rusted out floor where it was cracked 
from the airborne trip, landed, cracked, and filled with mud then placed 
somewhere for 30 years. Lots of mud inside the hat track between the 
floor board.
How did it get packed in there?
And both footwells looked like it landed on a log or some other 10" high 
But it's fixed, we opened it up, beat it back to normal, and welded it shut.
Drain holes have been drilled, patches have been made and welded in, 
dents have been dollied, the bonnet has been fitted, the engine bay is 
mostly sanded down to bare metal, the enlarged wheel openings have been 
made smaller, taco bell wrappers have been installed and bondo has been 
slung, at least the first coat.
Fr Jack was here today and sanded the flash rust off the bonnet, he 
likes the whiz wheel too.
All in all, a lot of work went into the HS this weekend. In the coming 
weeks, I will work on the minor remaining body work, priming and 
painting. That is IF my damn leg stops hurting and I can bend down.
The guys can tell you I was moving around without crutches but I just 
can not bend my left leg to kneel down.
And working on a Sprite even on jack stands, you need to bend down.
Fortunately the rockers are great and don't need any body work except 
for where Michael Rowe made the repair from the cut off end of the right 
rocker to fit some ungodly big wheels. That is the only part of the 
rockers that need a spot of filler now that the patch has been made and 
welded in.
Most of the parts have found their way here.
People are still sending money which is rapidly flying out now.
And we found that we will need some seat rail tracks too. the ones on 
the floor, not on the seats. Slide rails.
Fr. Jack is happier than a priest in a nunery, I think everybody who 
helped is happy too.
Thanks to all who came by and helped, there were 12 of us here yesterday 
not counting the kitchen help.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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