[Spridgets] dashpot oil question.

Kitterer Bob bkitterer at mac.com
Sun Sep 28 20:09:04 MDT 2008


The SU's call for 30 wt non-detergent oil - - engine oil.  I have  
used 10 and 20 wt from various sources as well as Marvel Oil.   All  
seem to give a faster response but also have to be topped up more  
often.  My guess is that the lighter oil, including 3 in 1, gets  
sucked into the engine.

Bob Kitterer

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On Sep 27, 2008, at 3:59 PM, corvallis at peoplepc.com wrote:

> A friend has a MGB with the single Stromberg carb.
> Why would it lose all of the dashpot oil after about 10 starts?
> I put in 3-in-1 oil the first time I filled it two weeks ago.
> The lack of oil causes it to be hard to start as it appears to be  
> run rich.
> What oil do others use in that carb?
> Thanks ...bill
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