[Spridgets] Master Cylinder - 1 to 2

Dean Swanson d.swanson at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 27 09:31:39 MDT 2008


Have any of you ever tried to replace your single combination brake/clutch
master cylinder with two separate (one for brake - one for clutch) master
cylinders while keeping the single combination master cylinder tray/pedal


The Healey disk brake conversion kit (shown on page 40 of "Original Sprite &
Midget") looks like it did it by staggering the two master cylinders front
to rear.


Do the standard separate brake and clutch master cylinders have their
mounting flange vertical (at 12 o'clock) or at about 2 o'clock as it appears
from the Moss catalog?


Dean Swanson

'62 A.H. Sprite mkII

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