[Spridgets] Obama / McCain (guys guys guys pleeeease don't)

Miniac7 at aol.com Miniac7 at aol.com
Fri Sep 26 14:19:31 MDT 2008

One of the best things about the Spridgetlist is that it give us all a safe  
haven away from the continual bombardment of politics, from which none of  us 
can otherwise escape. So far this email list has been very quiet in this  
regard, much to my pleasant surprise. I'd like to respectfully request however,  
that we don't get started now clogging up everyone's inbox with political  
rhetoric and messages. If we start getting into these discussions now, I can't  
imagine what it would be like around this place during the next few months. The  
reason I come here is for my enthusiasm  for Spridgets, nothing else.
Thanks for listening,
Howard Collins  

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