[Spridgets] john , NJMP in millville info?

John D. Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Thu Sep 25 15:24:07 MDT 2008

   Matt Hagopian wrote:


   i just looked on his website, you were right, re-keyed to 102 degrees.
   cam is an APT scatter...? no model number mentioned.
   beside  this.. I have a 1.5 high lift rockers (that have a small crack
   in them) anyone have any suggestions which rocker to use?


   There aren't many options for aluminum 1.5 roller rockers anymore. One
   variety  has  needle bearings in the bore, and a cheaper version has a
   bushed  bore, they both have rollers on the valve end. There is a high
   quality  set  imported  from  the  UK,  and  I  only  know  of the two
   manufacturers.  You  have  to  call some of the suppliers to see whats
   available.  APT,  Seven  Enterprises, Sports & Imports, and Mini-Mania
   are  suppliers  for  race  parts  I have used. Be prepared for sticker
   shock  on  the  rocker  arms,  recently I saw the UK aluminum roller &
   needle bearing 1.5 rockers selling for $795/set.

   I  wouldn't use that cracked rocker any longer. I once had an aluminum
   rocker  break,  and the remaining stub pressed on the retainer causing
   the keepers to fall out, and you know the rest...


   Fogelsville, PA

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