[Spridgets] the engine catasrophe

Hal Faulkner hal at katemuir.com
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The first thing I would reccommend is that you get a copy of David Vizard's
book, "How To Tune the A Series Engine."
New lifters are a certainty.  Push rods are not so much of a certainty,
although they aren't that much of an expense.  You may be able to replace
individual rocker arms and the shaft if you know which ones you have.  Since
you vehicle had an APT cam that might be an obvious place to look.

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thanks for all of the advice guys,
sounds like to me that we will be building a whole new engine this winter..
new cams, new springs, new rocker arms. i just read somewhere that when you
install a new cam you need to install new pushrods and lifters, is this

Any suggestions for some good kits? race car only. and would like the most
hp and decent reliablity. there was a lot of head work done already. intake
and exhaust valves are larger.

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