[Spridgets] ELVF photos

John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Thu Sep 25 11:03:44 MDT 2008

   Ron Soave wrote:

     Terrible  pic  on  Rick  Haynes's  site, sportsandimports.biz under
     engine  and  driveline  section.  I  have  a pic on a recently died
     computer  I'll  get  soon.  PN on box is 61-041. It's really just a
     ball  throwout  bearing  with  a cast piece that rides on the input
     shaft  in  front  of the stock bearing. You have to ream the center
     bushing  or  turn the input shaft down. No one seemed to be able to
     tell  me  why  anyone  would turn the shaft when reaming is so much

   Thanks  for the info. You jogged my memory about why it was decided to
   fabricate a guide tube. The price for that guided bearing is more than
   twice what the regular release bearing (61-635 ?) costs, and of course
   it has to be reamed or the input shaft modified. My guide tube will be
   welded  to a plate which bolts on top of the front cover, but I didn't
   have enough parts assembled yet to get the length dimensions to finish
   the design. You know this has been done by many people over the years,
   but  few  people keep the documentation after all of that design work,
   and the few that do can't find it.
   I  have  heard  of  several  of the SCCA fast guys having trouble with
   excessive wear on the hubs of Tilton's discs which can cause a variety
   of  problems. You may want to keep an eye on that. Hard to believe for
   what  a  racing disc costs these days. Bob Griffith (BHP Developments)
   is making his own discs with properly hardened hubs and kevlar lining,
   it  takes  a  special  spacer  because  it's  thicker.  It  was tested
   successfully in several races this year on a 5.5" single plate clutch,
   but he'll probably be doing 7.25" discs also.

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