[Spridgets] Looking for a cap for an aluminum valve cover

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Check with Ray Juncal.  Perhaps one of his caps will work.

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I bought two vintage finned aluminum valve covers a few months ago at a
sale.  Either / both would work on my 1275.  Problem is that niether have a
cap.  I have been unsuccessful at finding one so far.  The cap I need screws
on in the same manner as our gas caps do - with the bits that hold it on
around the outside of the filler neck - opposite of how a radiator cap is
on where the slots are inside the neck.

I sent the dimensions of what I need to Moss, but they were unable to find
anything in stock that would work.  Does anybody have a suggestion for a
source, or better yet something laying around the garage that would work and
you'd be willing to sell?  I can provide the specific measurements if
has a candidate.

If anybody is going to be at Frank's this weekend, I plan to bring both
with me for comparisons... (crossing my fingers there)

 - David
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Long Island
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