[Spridgets] ELVF photos

John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Wed Sep 24 06:07:13 MDT 2008

Ron Soave wrote:
> Some pix of the Gathering on the Green at the Osthoff resort last weekend. MGA won best, I think. The brown Bugatti Type 57 was my favorite. The blue car was a one-off Franziss. We sat with the Bugatti owner and Stutz owner couple at dinner, very interesting people. You have to flip through them - I can't group them without upgrading (I need to find a new site!). No pics of Flounder's band - if anyone has some, mail 'em and I'll post them.
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/soavero/2883872042/in/photostream/
Hi Ron,
I saw the Franziss at Watkins Glen, and what a trip to see how hard it 
is still thrashed on the track. The open rocker arms are something you 
don't see every day. All of the pics look great.
How's that new clutch working for you? What release bearing are you 
using, and how are you limiting the throw?  Internal slave or a guide 
tube for the Tilton bearing to ride ahead of the stock carbon bearing? 
Something I still have to decide on.
Fogelsville, PA

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