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John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Tue Sep 23 08:08:18 MDT 2008

jmj3351 at comcast.net wrote:
> Has anyone had experience with the rear shock conversion to tube shocks?  I don't want to spend the $ for the spax.  I can build the hardware and make modifications to the bushings, but the shock length and travel appears to be vital.
I used front tube shocks on my Sprite and built my own brackets, very 
similar to what Carrera shocks had done with their kit, but I had 
coilovers on the rear with welded in mounting points. Take a look at how 
Frontline has designed the lower mounts to reinforce the A-arm, a 
potential trouble spot when you just hang a mount off the rear of the 
A-arm. I recently sold Carrera F&R kits that I was saving for my street 
car, and can add some things about the rear shocks to what Guy said. The 
top of the rear shocks should lean in slightly toward the centerline of 
the chassis so there is a progressive action to the shock. In other 
words, you want chassis movement to compress the shocks as much as 
possible, in bump and roll. Of course you must have enough stroke to 
keep from bottoming the shock in compression at the ride height you're 
using, and have enough stroke left for full extension. You can put a 
spacer in the rebound strap brackets and place the shock to the inside 
with a longer bolt.  The 5" stroke Carrera shocks used in the bolt-on 
kit were not really long enough, and would want to pull the inside wheel 
off the ground in hard cornering according to my suspension guru. He 
always wanted to design a proper kit for the rear but I guess there 
isn't much demand for that anymore. As others have said, there is 
nothing wrong with good lever shocks for the majority of drivers.
Take your measurements with these things in mind.
Fogelsville, PA

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