[Spridgets] john , NJMP in millville info?

John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Tue Sep 23 06:32:57 MDT 2008

Nobody could miss what was going on overhead all weekend. We drove the 
gravel road around the perimeter and watch several races across from the 
tower on the outside of Thunderbolt, and the coolest thing for me was 
being less than 300 yards from the runway while all of the war birds 
were taking off and doing flyovers. I still can't identify everything I 
saw, but was in awe of the bombers and P-51 with it's 12 cylinder 
engine. The classic car show was special also, I was impressed to have 
the chance to examine 6 Allards, with several different engines. The 
Allard with a competition pedigree was powered by a Chevy V8 and a huge 
McColough (sp?) supercharger. My friend J.D. King won a hard fought CFF 
race, the best one-armed race car driver you will ever see, an 
inspiration to see what some people with disabilities can accomplish.
The cheatin dog was driven by Matt Hagopian, a nice young man and new 
member here. I met Matt and his grandfather on Sunday in the Lightning 
paddock and had a nice conversation with them. Unfortunately I didn't 
get to see them race, there was just so much going on and we tried to 
take it all in. Got an offer to drive at the ARRC in a F1st in November 
from the car's owner, and an offer to collaborate on my vintage FV 
project with the goal of both of us being competitive at the 50th 
anniversary celebration at Roebling Road in Savannah. Another 
distraction to finishing my Sprite, but it's great to have my good 
friend and ex-crew chief Jim Smith involved again. The garage work 
wasn't getting done, but I need to get to the track more often.
Also, no sand fleas, just a great event!
Fogelsville, PA

charles christ wrote:
> who was driving the "cheating dog" silver spridget this last wekend at NJMSP ???
> saw the car but never saw the driver.....(yeah , i wuz there.....) so was a number of "PHA" other "SCCA" people.   the WW2 warbird display was impressive beyond my expectations!   ya missed a great show!   :)
> chuck.

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