[Spridgets] Restoration Rust

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Glad you're ok. ...bill

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Speaking of rust. . .  the fire is out and there was very little damage.
Yesterday I was doing some electrolytic rust removal. I used a small 
diameter wire to suspend a part in the "soap soup" AND used that wire 
to make the electrical connection. Evidently the wire didn't handle 
the current and became hot enough to ignite the top rim of the 
plastic pail. While that was happening, I was outside the garage and 
knew nothing of what was going on until I heard the smoke detector 
going off. It wasn't a big fire but it was a plastic fire so the pail 
was melting and burning puddles were beginning to burn my work bench. 
I suppose the fire would have self extinguished when it reached the 
water level, but . . .  I have often activated the smoke alarm while 
heating nuts and bolts and even making some dust. Sometimes a pain in 
the butt. BUT yesterday I was very glad for the smoke detector!!!

Tim Collins

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