[Spridgets] HELP Diagnosing a Clutch Problem

Larry Macy lmacy at phillymgclub.com
Fri Sep 19 05:22:12 MDT 2008

Good thought David, however in my personal experience when the thrust  
washer fell out the only change was a bit of difficulty shifting,  
sometimes. I recall no change in the clutch travel or pressure.

But Kevin, check that anyway, just to be safe. I do not want to spend  
another day swapping that engine out quite so soon.


On Sep 17, 2008, at 11:28 PM, David Riker wrote:

> With the engine off, have one person watch the front crankshaft  
> pulley.
> Have a second person depress the clutch pedal. Using a long pry bar  
> or pipe,
> pry back on the crankshaft pully while the person inside the car  
> releases
> the clutch.  If the front pulley moves forward and backwards AT ALL  
> you can
> be 99.9% sure that you have lost the thrust bearings inside the  
> engine.
> VERY common problem on spitfidget engines.  Do not continue to run the
> engine or siginificant damage to the crankshaft will result.
> For repair, look up threads on pinning the thrust bearings.
> David R.
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>> Hey All,
>> The clutch is in a 1500 Midget.  We recently swapped engines.  All
>> was fine immediately after the swap but the following symptoms have
>> begun to surface;
>> When the engine is off and the clutch is depressed, it feels like a
>> normal clutch.  (Easy to push in and release).
>> When the engine is running the clutch is much more difficult to
>> depress and the pressure pushing back on the pedal (pedal resistance)
>> is more than when the engine is not running.
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