[Spridgets] When does it become restored?

David Riker davriker at nwi.net
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Rust free means no visible rust through or bubbling on any body panel AND 
never having needed any repair to remedy prior rust damage.  Bare cast iron, 
like suspension parts, hubs, etc can have surface flash and oxidation and I 
wouldn't consider them rusty.  Interior floor boards can have surface 
oxidation, and I would call that surface rust, but still consider the car 
cancer free.  Areas that are for all intents and purposes sealed, and 
unexposed are obviously not subject to inspection.  I drive a rust free 1974 
Midget from California.  It has NEVER had any panel replaced due to rust 
damage, it has NEVER had any metal replaced due to rust through, it has the 
original floor boards, rockers, doors, and sills.  (Ok, I replaced the 
battery tray but battery acid is a little different story).  Some parts have 
been repaired and replaced due to accident damage, not rust.  I have a 1970 
Ford Torino same story.  California all of its life.  Soda blasted it to 
bare metal, NO RUST.  1963 Falcon.  4 pinholes of rust starting behind the 
left rear fender.  No salt air, no snow, no ice, NO RUST. Central California 
where the cars don't rust.

Use of the word restored requires a follow up question or qualifying phrase, 
restored to be like the one I had in highschool
restored to factory specifications
cosmetically restored
mechanically restored
restored to the way I remembered it.
restored to a condition far more detailed than ever existed

David R.
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> Frank,
> What I must admit amuses me most are the "rust free cars".
> There is no such thing.  Cracks me up every time I see that on eBay.
> How about a Fully Restored Rust Free Car.   wheeeeeee
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