[Spridgets] Small questions

John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Wed Sep 17 12:21:49 MDT 2008

   Michael Rowe wrote:

1.  Should the rebound straps be short enough to prevent the drive shaft
from rubbing on the frame when the car is on stands?  How much clearance?

Cancel this one.  It turned out that the drive shaft was pulled out of the
transmission when I replaced the rear end.  I assume it will fit better when
it is properly attached.  Cars are like that.  Which brings up another
question.  The instructions on replacing the drive shaft say to hold the
front up with an 8" screw driver through a lubrication hole.  Where might
this hole be?

The rear end probably should come out anyway.  In fussing with the brakes, I
discovered that the pinion oil seal is leaking, not the drain plug as I
thought.  Also, I have one bad hub bearing, so I guess I should replace the
other as well.

Fun and games on the way to the road.

   Hi Michael,
   The  lubrication  hole  is on the drivers side of the tunnel where the
   sides  are straight, and in line with where the front U-joint will be.
   You'll  have to peel the tunnel carpet up from that side but shouldn't
   have to remove the seat. If it doesn't have one you'll want a plug for
   that hole when you're finished. Rear hub bearings don't last very long
   in car that's driven hard so replacing them is a good idea.
   Fogelsville, PA

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