[Spridgets] Hi, I'm new. Please help me and my '76

cclabaw at juno.com cclabaw at juno.com
Wed Sep 17 11:44:23 MDT 2008

Being octagonal, I'd guess that STOP signs only fit Midgets.  What works best
for Sprites?

Clay L.
'67 Sprite

-- Bill L <pythias at pacifier.com> wrote:

     Most surprising of all in this discussion of rotted floorpans is
     that no YET has mentioned stealing a STOP sign for the floor
     replacement piece. While I personally have ZERO skills in body or
     mechanical work, I DO remember where to obtain needed items...

     or is that a 55 mph sign that's the closest fit? as I recall the
     gauge thickness is perfect?

Best regards,
 Bill L.                           mailto:pythias at pacifier.com

 '66 Sprite MKIII HAN8L49403   "the red thing"

      * "Time flies," said Tom entomochronometrically.
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