[Spridgets] Hi, I'm new. Please help me and my '76

David Riker davriker at nwi.net
Tue Sep 16 21:42:50 MDT 2008

My midget is kind of like grandpa's hammer.  One year the handle breaks, so 
he buys a new handle.  The next year,  the claw busts, so he replaces the 
head.  I say I've had my Midget since 1982, but at one time or another, 
every part has been replaced or swapped until there is nothing original 
except the vin plate.  Doesn't mean it isn't the same car to me.
Dave R.
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> You guys, like most men, are forgetting that this car has sentimental
> value.  If I could find my first MG, other than a few nuts and bolts
> that are probably still somewhere on the hill I splattered her on, I
> would do everything in my power to restore her.

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