[Spridgets] Hi, I'm new. Please help me and my '76

tinydog at snet.net tinydog at snet.net
Tue Sep 16 14:55:10 MDT 2008

tinydog sez:

For some it's a hard concept to grasp, but the easiest and cheapest way to enter Spridget ownership is with a rust-free car from the West Coast. Shipping is cheap in comparison to solving the problems straightening-out a car that needs rockers, sills, and floors.

Plus having a car from California makes listening to Brian Wilson all the more enjoyable. A blonde in the passenger seat is even better. 

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> I am still figuring out which messages come directly to me, and which come
> to me in digest form only.
> I suppose that I am trying to be realistic about this car, and it is
> important to me that it remains largely "my car".  I also don't envision
> this being my only classic, perhaps not my only Spridget.  I am more
> inclined to weld extra supports and crossmembers in than to do a steering
> wheel transplant as has been (very rationally) suggested.  If I bring a car
> from CA, I'd probably just keep both cars. 
> Kent, any idea of which issue of GRM had the welding article on the MGB?
> Sounds like my kind of low tech solution. 

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