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Tue Sep 16 12:34:09 MDT 2008

I think a lady with her shirt off in a Pink sprite may draw some attention in
most any area.
Sorry - i could not help myself.
May be you adapt some head lights from the Lotis Elan. They lay flat where you
only see the tin. Then flip up when turned on. The hoods are much the same
size. Not sure about the shape.
Good luck - it sounds like a great project.

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Does anyone have Jerry Coker's email address? I want to ask him some
questions about his original Sprite design without the headlights on top but
retractable. I hear the original design may have been like the Porsche 928
GT with the glass on top http://www.joe-ks.com/images/HIS928.jpg? I cannot
say I like the glass up design or not just yet because I have seen and
somewhere have the photo of a smooth Bugeye bonnet (the owner had lost the
headlights to an accident) with small headlights in the grill and the smooth
top looked cool and futuristic but clearly it is great to have her eyes open
: )

I think asking Jerry will put this to rest as I am hoping after my dad's
estate is settled and I am out of this new overwhelming debt to keep his
COOP afloat I will (with the help of manufactures) modify my Bugeye bonnet
to have that same design. I am hoping to get Jerry's blessing on this
project and if it works out without me loosing my shirt put it on a tub.

62 California Sprite "Pinky"
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