[Spridgets] oil dipstick

Matt Hagopian mhagopian at hoppetool.com
Fri Sep 12 23:51:15 MDT 2008

I need a big favor from someone, I need someone to measure the distance from
the "stop" to the top most line of "max" Mine measures 7  7/8"
Also, Does the dipstick tube raise the dipstick stop away from the pan? If
so how much does it stick out? one thing to add.. it looks like there was
a tube on my bug, but the top was broken off.

Right now I have a pan from Winners Circle, and I didnt have a dipstick, I
ordered one from moss motors. I dont have the dipstick tube and I dont want
to buy one, the dipstick hit the base of pan. I contacted them asking them
the capacity of the pan and asking if I needed a special dipstick.

Please help with as many measurements as possible! Thanks guys!

Racing NJ sept 19-20 with VRG


Matt Hagopian

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