[Spridgets] Wipers---Got it....

John Colclasure bilbostuufff at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 20:26:36 MDT 2008

Got the things off and on...Heck until you folks told me, I would never have
guessed I just needed to be a brute about it...with a screw driver they popped
off, in a flying motion. I put the new ones on, but they do not seem like they
went down as far as the others..I hit them with the handle of the screwdriver
and they are not falling off, so my guess is they will be ok...Thanks guys, I
can now drive in the rain.....and thanks to Ed, I will never have to deal with
the type of wipers I had..(non replaceble blades)...unless of course I buy
another car...:) and I am not even sure Ed could figure out where they came
Heres a more difficult one.....Does anyone have a trick into getting a wife
not to complain about getting a new paint job....aside from painting her
car)....;)...I do not think it really needs it bad, but I do not like those
little chips and the two damn dimples the mechanic put in it when he failed to
lower the alternator enough....they polk out and not in...and they bug the
heck out of me....

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