[Spridgets] Anyone flooded?

Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 12 10:47:28 MDT 2008

>>First the storm has to make landfall.

How far does the land have to fall?  ;)

This storm is possibly coming up my way after it diminishes to next to 
nothing but rain.

Last time that happened, that I can remember, my basement ( and hundreds of 
others ) flooded.  Just having a messy partly finished basement flood with a 
couple of inches is a real pain in the donkey.  Other destruction I can 
barely imagine ... but your lives and those of your family are paramount.  
Take care!

And, BTW, if your basement does flood, take into consideration what water 
and electricity can do for you, before you do like someone who shall remain 
unnamed, and walk into the water in your bare feet.

My brother-in-law lives in the Caribbean and he routinely stays for the 
storms.  He was on Grand Cayman when that wave went over the island.  Missed 
the house he was in, but wiped out his business.  Probably a lot more people 
die in a Canadian winter than during most hurricane seasons, but I don't 
think I want to experience a hurricane ... especially if I had family with 

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Weatherdog sez:

First the storm has to make landfall.

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