[Spridgets] Metric bolts?

John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Fri Sep 12 05:54:59 MDT 2008

Michael Rowe wrote:
> Now that we have all had a chuckle at my expense, what size are these *^#% 
> bolts?  They are not 5/16x24 by several tests.  They are not metric by 
> proclamation of He-who-is-always-right.  A 7 mm x 1.25 STD thread bolt fits. 
> And what are these things that cannot exist doing in a '78-'79 Midget 
> stearing lock?  Is it from another European car?
Hi Michael,
I am looking at the thread chart for British Standard Whitworth Series, 
and there is one size that is very close on the pitch, but the 
dia.differs by .025". I will venture to say it can't be BSW. Is it 
possible that the PO machined the original bolts flush and drilled & 
taped the holes to M7x1.25?   Can you see any evidence of that?
Fogelsville, PA

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