[Spridgets] 9 stud or Not?

Mark Haynes haynes386 at netzero.net
Thu Sep 11 11:22:52 MDT 2008

A question for those on the list with experience with '58s- According to
Horler, they stopped putting 9 studs on the windshields around SN6000 or so,
My'58 (SN8016) has a works hardtop (I believe) with the long windshield
clamps. The clamps hook under the lip of the windshield frame, the frame looks
JUST LIKE the one on the MKII, except it has 9 STUDS across the top as well as
the lip. Did a DPO install these due to having a 9 stud soft top (which I
didn't get with the car), and if I were to get a soft top will I need a 9
stud, or the 59-64 style which goes under the lip? Inquiring mind wants to
BTW the hardtop seems to fit the '62 MKII as well if that's any help.

Mark Haynes

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