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Actually there's no way to differentiate between a Cooper and a Cooper S based on the VIN. The numbers ran concurrently between both models. The only way to tell what car came with your particular VIN would be to get a Heritage Certificate.

I can tell you however that the engine number you posted is for a factory replacement 1275 Cooper S engine, with carbs, crankcase closed circuit breather, an AEG542 cam and the EN-16 crank, as you've already referenced. This was a "one spec fits all" engine produced from 1969-1971, which superceded all previous 1275 Cooper S reconditioned engine specifications. The tappet chest covers were standard 1275 Cooper S.

If you'd like more help identifying the body shell, contact me directly.

Howard Collins
Virginia Beach, VA.??

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I have a 1966 Austin Mini. Based on the vin # it is a Cooper S. The engine 
number is 38G464-RS-65778. The 38G464 says it is a 1275cc - Introduced in 
1970, most of which were fitted with EN16 Tuftrided crankshaft. Other 38G's 
that I have found are listed as Gold Seal engines.

The problem is that the engine has tappet covers. Is this correct for this 
engine or has the engine number been transferred to another engine? 
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