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Wm. Severin Thompson wsthompson at thicko.com
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If the radius arm bracket is not done yet, it must be. Tire deflection under
cornering will cause it to hit the bracket bolt and tear the side out of the
tirer.. Not a good thing.


I assume there's a Panhard rod on the car, so that can be used to locate the
axle side to side for best clearance (Clarence).


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I just measured, I have about 1/8" seperating the outside edge of the tire
to the fender, and I have about 5/8" on the inside. I may just roll the
fenders and slap them on!

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We are talking about a few days until race day here... 


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One more thing I just recalled... the upper radius arm bracket usually needs
modification... it doesn't need to be near as wide as it is... a sawzall to
cut some of the center meat out where the bolt goes thru, and a torch to
heat up and pound the bracket inward toward the inner fender... then line up
the bolt hole.

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