[Spridgets] tires

John Caffrey jdc6 at Lehigh.EDU
Wed Sep 10 08:44:25 MDT 2008

Matt Hagopian wrote:
> hey guys,
> I just ordered a set of Hoosiers 185/60/13. They are ENORMOUS! they are a
> full 1.25" wider then my street tires and have no hope of fitting on the
> bug,
> I need help selecting a good race tire that is in the price neighborhood of
> 150 or less. It currently has street tire size 185/60/13. Hoosiers smallest
> tire is a 180. and Avons tire is for 194 each. Could someone pass on some
> advice of which tire to buy and provide a link to it? Racing next weekend!!
It takes some working of the inner fenders but it is possible, and it's 
what all of the US racers use AFAIK. I just got done making some room to 
fit them to a 62 Mark II square arch. Hopefully Ron, WST, or one of the 
other vintage racers will chime in with some specifics on modifying the 
Bugeye fenders.
Fogelsville, PA

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