[Spridgets] 948 vs 1275

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How heavily do you have to breathe on ths Saab engine to get that horsepower?

I am still amazed and will never forget seeing a Saab at Summit Point Raceway actually turn over and start spinning on its top on a long straight!!!  I didn't even know that was physically possible ;^).  That has always placed worries in me that anyone would race an old Saab family truckster.

Mike C

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>Yup.. 3 cyl 2 stroke 850..  50 hp for sure!
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>> There is always the option to drop in an 850.
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>> Of course, I now have to push on the gas and patiently await the
>>> response.  Getting  on the freeway is a very casual affair, taking  
>>> the entire
>>> on-ramp and a bit more to get to anything like freeway speed.

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