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David Booker tncarnut1 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 10 04:40:32 MDT 2008

For what it's worth, I've seen Frank's Bugeye a couple of times and had no
idea the stripes were't painted on.  They look great.  I've painted on stripes
before and they are a bear to get right.  (at least for somebody like me who
does't paint cars all the time)  The fact that you're asking the question on
how to do it suggests that you're in the same boat experience-wise.  Go with
Frank's suggestion.
 - David
'71 Midget
Long Island

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lindalnhvt at nhvt.net wrote:
> I have a newly painted (today) leaf green bugeye. Before I start to put
> everything back on, I'm giving serious consideration to stripes, wide
> like the red on silver ones on an earlier post, but perhaps Old English
> White on the Leaf Green.  My question is--- how do you get clean edges?  I
> had someone paint Shelby stripes on my 66 Mustang fastback, and I helped
> apply the tape, but I don't remember what kind if tape we used.
> Also, if you paint the stripes, how do you rough up the new paint only
> where the stripes are intended to go?
> Thanks.

Kevin and I have stick on stripes that my Dad made.
Mine are Oyster white (close to OEW) on a blue Bugeye,
5 years now and no problems with the stripes.
With his vinyl, you spray windex on the body, position the stripes, use
a credit card to get any bubbles out, and when the windex is dry, the
stripes are permanent. A heat gun is supposed to remove them if you
change your mind.
Let me know if you want to go this route, I'll give you his email and
you can deal directly with him.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
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