[Spridgets] It's Alive!

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Tue Sep 9 09:23:23 MDT 2008

>I can't answer the original question of whether ALL Vega wheels will
> fit, but need to mention that they should not be used with Spridget 3/8
> lug nuts. Some of the after market 3/8, 60 degree lug nuts may work, but
> stock nuts can pull through. Not safe. Racers that used Vega wheels had
> changed over to 7/16 studs with there larger lug nuts.

The 3/8" nuts that come with the Minitor rims work very well with Vega rims. 
They use a 13/16" lug wrench and have plenty of meat to keep from pulling 
throufh, although you DO have to make sure that they are properly centered 
before you torque them down. I believe the Monza/Astre/Sunbird cars also 
used 4-on-4. Anyone have an old Monza rear axle laying around?
David Lieb 

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