[Spridgets] Ebay Midget, Item number: 370081785195

Billy Zoom billyzoom at billyzoom.com
Sun Sep 7 14:23:58 MDT 2008

I don't think the old tube type Cinturatos had steel belts either.

>> "Factory original 14" Styled Steel Stamped 4- Spoke wheels. They are
>> also wrapped with a very correct and healthy set of Pirelli Cinturato
>> 145-SR13 Steel Belted radial White Wall Tires that show to have at least
>> 90 % of the tread life left for the next fortunate owner."
> How does one get 13" tires on 14" rims? Nevermind that Pirelli probably
> hasn't made a 13" tire in 10-15 years. Last time I bought 145's was in
> 2001, they were Dunlops. Now, nobody makes em. 

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