[Spridgets] Oil Pressure Too High-Update & Thanks

John Kuzman jjkan5 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 7 10:43:44 MDT 2008

Here is the update - Tried another known, good gauge. Same high readings.
Trial and error cutting off one coil at a time and started to see improvement,
but gauge started bouncing around at hot idle. Called APT. Said the bouncing
around was due to the ball bearing spinning at hot idle. Decided to take
Mark's advice and try APT's adjustable set up with the standard valve.
Success!!! After some minor tweaking, hot idle is 35, under full load hot is
dialed in at 55 psi. Thanks to all responders.
John Kuzman

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Subject: [Spridgets] Oil Pressure Too High
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Over the last few months I have noticed the oil pressure in my Bugeye with a
1275 slowly creeping higher. Earlier this year, it was running about 70 cold
idle and 75 at cold 3000 rpm. Hot idle would be 45 psi and 60 psi hot 3000
Last week, it went to 80 psi cold idle and almost 85 cold at 3000 rpm. Hot
was over 70 psi and over 80 psi at 3000 rpm hot.
Today I swapped out different pressure relief valves, springs and even tried
the ball bearing. No difference, except the ball bearing shot it up to almost
100 psi cold.
Any thoughts on where I should look next? Thanks.
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