[Spridgets] WOT: Compressor Q

chuck cciaffone at verizon.net
Sat Sep 6 12:13:35 MDT 2008

OK, so I took y'alls advice and ordered my FREEEE (for points)
Cambell-Hausfield 2 gallon 100 psi compressor.

Powered it up, ran it for the 5 minute break in, and filled the
tank to 100 psi.

Installed the tire chuck and opened up the output valve.

Press on the little pin in the tire chuck and get plenty of
air pressure.

But press that (schraeder valve) air chuck on any tire valve,
spridget, bicycle, you name it, and no air flows.

Press the little pin with my thumb, and there's plenty air.

Put in to a valve and nada.

WTF??? over.

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