[Spridgets] Taco Bell wrappers?

Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Fri Sep 5 17:08:23 MDT 2008

Hello Frank,

     Italian food on the west coast sucks. its the same problem  that
     causes poor MEX on the east. the infrastructure isn't here to
     support decent INGREDIENTS. you can't make GREAT stuff if you
     can't get the parts to make it FROM. the "italian" rolls out here
     are NOT italian. .. worse still is what passes for BAGELS on the
     WHOLE WEST COAST. they seem to think you don't need to boil them,
     and they think that they will last for a couple of days, not a
     couple of HOURS. the taste AND texture are all wrong.....and the
     pastrami.. ICK. the only decent place to get THAT is a little
     deli that has it flown in twice a week from New York. .. in fact
     the only thing i miss from the EAST coast is the FOOD!. but then
     i missed good mex when i lived back there. . but i miss
     EVERYTHING else here........

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