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I used Waxoil quite extensively on my bugeye restoration. I didn't want to drill any extra holes, but was easily able to get it in the A-posts in front of the doors via most of the existin screw holes. I had also thought of drilling a 'water drain hole' at the bottom, and plug it with a rubber plug, so that it could be checked and drained periodically, but I still havent done it.

Warning - Be careful, if you ever need to weld in an area that was Waxoil'd. The stuff can catch fire and burn like a candle inside 'hidden' frame areas. I had this happen on an IH scout, when I was doing some welding on rocker panels that had been treated on the inside. 

Bryan Vandiver
59 bugeye
76 Intl Scout

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Why do I not find references to putting Waxoil into A-posts from the inside? 
There is an existing hole for the door buzzer wiring that appears to go to 
the interior, and I have some "nonexistant" holes carefully painted
over by 
the DPO.  It would not be hard to put in a hole specifically for this 
purpose and seal it with a rubber plug or even duck tape.

Michael Rowe
'74 Midget
Long Island, NY
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