[Spridgets] 89 Sea Ray

James Gruber thistle_3619 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 4 11:17:57 MDT 2008

On our '89 Sea Ray Choke is mechanical. Can't really help on this one but be
aware there is a ballast resistor on the coil. 12 VDC at start and about
8-9VDC running. My procedure is simply pull throttle sideways to take out of
gear, depress once to set choke and leave slightly advanced. Start engine with
hand on throttle to retard. Go skiing.
We had rebuilt engine installed and the stupid yahoo installed without ballast
resistor in place. Engine ran like a scalded dog until coils melted down.
After the fourth one and getting towed in 3 times, a competent mechanic gave
me the secret. Ballast resistor is little tiny thing connected to + side of
the coil. Look for it, it should be there. There is a Start Relay that feeds
12 VDC to the coil that is actualted when the key is turned to start position.
Otherwide 8-9VDC is fed to the coil.  
I was able to find a Motors MAnual on Mercruiser complete with Wiring Diagram
at the local library.   

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