[Spridgets] Gustav

Tom Daughdrill lincman90 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 3 21:01:53 MDT 2008

Well, I'm just reading this because I did get the hell outta Dodge-on Sunday!
I'm in south Louisiana, about 8 miles north of Lake Ponchartrain.  First thing
on the "get out" list was to properly store my Midget!

I'm quite glad we "missed the bullet"!

Tom> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 11:15:32 -0500> From: bmwwxman at gmail.com> To:
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Gustav> > All you folks in Louisiana, east Texas, southwestern Arkansas and>
southeastern Oklahoma good luck and stay safe.... I've been looking at the>
models and the data and the present forecast track for Gustav looks pretty>
reasonable for the next 60 hours. If you are in the south Louisiana delta>
area I hope you are already getting the hell outta Dodge. The rest of the>
area is going to see a LOT of rain and at least some wind as the storm moves>
to near Center, TX by Wednesday morning and then drifts west toward the area>
south of Tyler, TX to die.> >
> Ya'll stay safe!!> -- > Cheers!!> Jim>
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