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Use starting fluid. My lawn mower is the same way. ...bill
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My next-door neighbor just bought a 93 Sea Ray with a Mercruiser 4.3 V6 
engine.  He has had a heck of a time starting it but once he does get it 
running it runs good.  He called me tonight thinking that I might help with 
the problem.  We centered on the electric choke and I think the problem is 
in the driver seat.  He doesn't have a manual so we don't know what the 
procedure should be.  It looks like the throttle should be disengaged from 
the shit mechanism with the unlock button below the engine control.  At the 
first detent the choke seems to be free to move mechanically and if cold the

electric choke servo should move the choke butterfly.  Can anyone confirm 
what the starting sequence should be, are we getting warm?  It is a Alpha 
One Chevy based V6, 2 barrel carb with a Thunderbolt ignition.  I can't seem

to find anything on line about operating the engine.

Help,  he is taking his family to the lake tomorrow evening for a long 


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